fuse Massage Therapy
Columbia's Most Therapeutic Massage
Integrated Massage
This massage focuses on allowing tight, overused muscles to lengthen, loosen, and become more relaxed.

30min $55    60min $80      90min $110     120min $130

Deluxe: with the essential oil of your choice +10
Deep Blue, Hemp infused cream, Balance, Frankincense, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Breathe, Citrus Bliss,
PastTense (for tension), AromaTouch (aids circulation), On Guard (immune booster)
Pampered: paraffin on your back, hands, or feet +25
Sport: KinesioTape & Deep Blue soothing muscle rub +30
Ultimate: essential oil & paraffin on hands and feet +55
Naptime: quiet meditation after your massage 20mins +20

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Hot Stone Massage
Your therapist's healing touch combines with warm, smooth basalt stones to melt tension and clear your mind.

60min $100       90min $130        120min $150
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Couples Massage
Enjoy a deeply relaxing journey with a friend, partner or loved one.

30min $110   60min $160     90min $220    120min $260
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Four Fusing Hands
Two therapists will flow in unison and bring you into ultimate bliss.

60min $160
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Prenatal Massage
Relax your mind and body while you nourish the new life within you. Performed with gentle massage strokes on our full-body cushion, while targeting specific areas of tension.

30min $55    60min $80      90min $110
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Foot Refresher
An invigorating exfoliation, warm paraffin dip, and a deeply relaxing foot massage. 

30min $85

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The Supreme Massage
Our premier massage includes warm paraffin on your hands and feet and your choice of essential oil.

150min $210
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